Robots: The Future of Cleaning?

As much as 95 percent of the cost of cleaning a floor is labour. Naturally, the high cost of this simple task has inspired alternative solutions.

Silk is service partner that builds value through dedication, experience, and innovation. This begins with creating a culture of innovative thinking , finding and nurturing the best talent while supporting them with world class technology and operating systems.

There are a variety of products launched in the market which are tailoring themselves to commercial environments.

For Silk and as leaders in technology and innovation in the industry, this is certainly an area to watch.

"Robots introduce a new level of efficiency that human cleaners are simply incapable of attaining due to inherent limits of human productivity; a person can only mop so many square feet per hour. Robots may indeed be the future of cleaning, eliminating the need for a windowwasher to put himself in the precarious position of dangling high above street level, the need for service sheets on the inside of restroom doors, and the need for human cleaning staff to perform time-consuming tasks day after day"

A very interesting read...for the full article click here

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