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The Preferred Industry Partner in Hotels across Australia
Silk Provides Clients a Complete Service Offering

Full Outsource

An all-inclusive managed service solution taking advantage of the full spectrum of specialist skills that we provide. This model is fully inclusive of labour, management, statutory on-costs, insurance, equipment, uniforms, training & safety.

Top Up

As a hybrid model between labour hire and full outsource, this model works ideally when transitioning into a full outsource solution. Silk will work with you to adapt to the needs of your business.

Professional chambermaid holding pile of
Cleaning the Floor
Housekeeping manager with tablet checkin
Handsome employee doing dishes in commer
Row of industrial laundry machines in la
A concrete designed bathroom
Sanitizing Elevator
Home Nurse Making Bed
Cleaning Building Windows

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Silk operates across all major capital cities and regional areas in Australia.

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